Hi there and welcome to Will Sew For Cake. My name is Kezra and I’m new around these blogging parts.

Born and raised in the busy city of London I always felt it was important to have a creative outlet. I spent my younger years going to dance classes, enjoying subjects at school like textiles, Fine Art, design technology and dance before going to university to get my degree in Occupational Therapy (completely unrelated to my creative brain; I know)

I have been sewing and making for a number of years and occasionally selling or gifting things to friends and family. I even spent a good 10 years helping sew and create carnival costumes for Notting Hill Carnival (If you have never taken part I urge you to make it one of your goals this year, you can thank me later ;))

But since turning the big 30 I felt it important to really spend time on the things I enjoy, share ideas and inspire others and how better to do this than start a creative blog, especially since this past year has been such a whirlwind adventure. In the last 12 months I have taken a break from work to do some travelling before deciding to plant some roots with my partner and reluctantly adopt the lifestyle of a trailing spouse. I guess now you could describe me as a British expat with a fair amount of time on my hands, at least until I settle in and secure a day job.

Now posted in Pakistan I have time, space and freedom to let my creativity run wild and who wouldn’t be excited about all the amazing fabric and cute trinkets you could get on this side of the world!?

So have a nosey around and I hope you feel inspired to create or learn something new!

(Me and my sisters at Notting Hill Carnival in one of my designs)