DIY Mini Canvases

28th February 2018

Spring will soon be upon us which means new beginnings, the start of wedding season, flowers blossoming and in this house a touch of decorating.

As I may have mentioned previously my belongings have arrived from overseas and I have now found a place for everything in this rather large house, so my new mission is to make it more homely and I cant lie probably very girly as pinks and purples are my favorite colours at the moment.

So in light wishing for better weather and the new season to hurry up and arrive I thought I would share this cute mini canvas project that is pretty simple to recreate and would be a great project for wedding place settings or sprucing up the drab areas of your home


Mini Canvases and easels (I purchased mine on Ebay but any craft store should sell them)


Printer (that can’t take card)

Paint or any medium you’re comfortable with


Craft scalpel

Cutting mat

Craft clips or masking tape




1. First decide what design you would like on the canvas. Feel free to improvise.

I decided on a peacock theme (inspired by a peacock garden statue my mum owns).

If you don’t want to paint freehand type stencils into google images (I searched Peacock feather stencil).

2. Print one image on plain paper to gauge the size of the design you would like. Once the sizing is correct print your stencils onto card.

3. Cut out your stencils. For this you will need a craft scalpel and cutting mat.

4. Start painting! I used paint for the background, once dry I placed my stencil on top and used craft clips to keep it in place. Use whatever medium you feel comfortable with (Paint, gel pens, sharpies, oil pastels).

I love working with chalk pastels so worked with them to stencil in my design then used a damp paintbrush to soften and blend the colours . It can be tricky if you have an intricate design so a fine paintbrush is useful.

5. This step is optional but I used a sharpie pen to add some gold accents into the designs just as a finishing touch.

These canvases are a great way to add little pockets of colour around the house or make cute wedding place settings (by adding names or initials) and even make nice gifts for friends and family!

And the best thing is you don’t have to have the skills of picasso  to make one!



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