Summer is coming!

25th April 2018

The past few weeks have been a bit all over the place if im honest, I have periods of feeling stressed which renders me very unproductive creatively. I have missed home a lot and realised that being an expat spouse can come with a lot of outside stress and pressure to do certain things you just have no interest in. Im still very much in the ‘trying to figure it all out phase’. For example, do I want to apply for local jobs, start my own business, or go back to studying? Who knows?! Im just tying to find out the best way to be productive with my free time but also ensuring that I am happy and staying true to myself in the process. Anyway I digress!


I’m happy because I have finally finished my first bikini project of the year. If you know me well you know that the thing I really enjoy sewing are bikinis. I couldn’t even tell you why, I’m not overly body confident but there is something about stretch fabrics that keeps me coming back for more whilst most people dread sewing with them, and also something refreshing about sporting your own items of clothing on a beach or at a boat party that you know no one else will have. I guess I’m partial to a good boat party 😉



I’ve had this keyhole look on my mind for a while, it took a few tries to draft the panty pattern so it sat nicely but i got there in the end. For the bikini top I adapted the Barrett bralette pattern to have the same keyhole effect, changed the back and finished it with fold over elastic. It gives such a sturdy fit so I’m not anticipating any nip slips in this bikini top lol but I’ll have to test out my theory.




I was also eagerly waiting for a good time to use this fabric I bought from my trip to Malaysia last year and I’m so glad I used it for this project. I honestly think this is my favourite bikini so far and i feel like i can see an improvement in my sewing skills or it could be my new sewing machine,(my old one had such a stubborn personality lol) everything just seems to glide through so easily (big up to Janome)!


Enjoy the pictures!

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