Unicorns & Duct Tape

24th March 2018

So who knew unicorn duct tape existed and didn’t tell me?!!

I had a short two weeks back in London to visit family so naturally I was stocking up on bits and browsing the Internet for things I may need to take back with me.

AND HEY PRESTO I came across pink unicorn duct tape on Amazon.

Who knew sticking things together could be so pretty!

Now all I needed was something to cover!

I found these small cardboard letters in The works, they sell loads of craft supplies, books and stationary, and this collection of letters spelling ‘LOVE’ was only Β£1 so no harm done if the outcome was terrible.

I didn’t want to make the ends of the letters bulky by overlapping the tape too much so painted them a mint green colour instead to add some contrast.

My decorating did not stop there though. My phone cover had clearly had its day and instead of throwing it out I thought why not upcycle it with my new tape! And that’s exactly what I did, the only tricky part was making sure the inside corners of the case did not have too much tape overlapping as this made the phone stick out of the case slightly.

Also good tools to use if you have them are a craft scalpel and cutting mat to easily cut the tape away from the ports for the camera, charger and headphones.

Thinking about adding some character to your phone case? See the results below πŸ™‚


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